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Windows XP and Software Support

PC/Computer Hardware Support

Personal Computer Hardware, Windows XP\7 and Software Support

Don't spend big dollars on repair shop costs when you can fix your computer
yourself. Besides, with what a repair shop charges it would almost be cheaper to
get a new upgraded PC. Our PC Hardware and Windows 2000\XP\7 articles will
help you fix it yourself saving you money and learn something in the process.

Maybe your hard drive is not backed up and your really need a second chance
to get that PC that won't boot running good enough to extract your important data.

If you are handy with a DMM or can use a voltmeter you can find out for yourself
why your PC is dead. Surely you don't want to trash a windows xp system that
won't boot when it could be fixed by a $75 power supply! Check our article on
Troubleshooting ATX Switching Mode Power Supplies.

Do you have a good working knowledge of your OS and don't mind digging deep
to correct issues, manually restore the registry or a manual system restore?

Well then you have come to the right place. We are here to assist you resolve
your PC woes. We will present articles here that will help those with modest
computer and electronics skills keep that system of yours up and running sweet.


Don't let Microsoft drive you crazy!! - Fix-it Tip

Having problems getting the Microsoft updater installed or getting updates besides those for your OS?
You may run into this if you recently installed Windows Seven or newer, and applied all your windows updates,
or at least upgraded Internet Explorer to 11. Then installed Microsoft Office or other MS products like outlook or visio.

While doing Windows Update you clicked the Click here for details link to get updates for other Microsoft products
but get redirected to a page that shows just how to run Windows update from the start menu instead of the
page to download Microsoft update. Why you may ask?

Turns out that in IE 11 you have to add the domain to the compatability view list.
In the box below, it should show Click close and try the Click here for details link again.
This time you should not be redirected but go right to the Microsoft Update page to download the updater.

If you have any difficulties you may use our Contact Us page and we will help you out.
All the best !!

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